Welcome to Curly Top Photography!

With every passing second, another memory is gone. That’s why at Curly Top Photography, we believe family portraits shouldn’t be taken every now and then; they should be taken whenever possible. We think too many families choose to photograph their weddings and new children but forget about the details in between. What about all of the other little moments?


Claire Schultz-Ware is an affordable family photographer, dedicated to providing budget-friendly photo packages. All of her photos are delivered on a flash drive soon after your shoot, and all rights are yours. You’re welcome to print and frame the ones you want to look at every day, and save the others in a folder on the computer for later on.


We love meeting new families and giving them pictures of all of life’s blessings to recall on a daily basis. Schedule your photo shoot today by calling 715-881-0560 or filling out our online form. We believe that all moments of life deserve capturing. Don’t wait – this moment is already on its way out.